About Us

Hi Everyone.

This is Md Rifat Chowdhury Himu the founder of Bangladeshi Foods and i am very pleased to introduce you to this wonderful 100% Free Food Recipe Blogging Website. I am not new to anyone, if you are aware about me.

I have been doing Web Developing and Graphics designing since 2019,and established a few successes which are nowhere hidden from my social community.

I am passionate about sharing all of my learnings and experiences of Blogging and Unique Food Recipes

Bangladeshi Foods will be a system for learning unique dishes from all over the world.

In the Cooking Journey you may fail at one point but I am here to hang you around me until you are willing to tie with me.

Bangladeshi Foods is My Dream to turn Food Blogging into Value Streams

Blogging is not all about writing and sharing content.

But more of listening,learning,practicing,experiencing and then sharing.

When first, i started my Blogging journey in the year 2018,my focus was to lay down a platform which can excel somewhere in future.

And here I am,after a couple of ups and downs.

But,If you are here to get success in a short time then you are at the wrong place and you can leave me now.

Blogging is a game of passion and practice after listing and learning the right strategy.

Bangladeshi Foods  brought with a vision to turn your Cooking dreams into value streams for you and others.

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Email at: himu2414@gmail.com

What you will learn in Bangladeshi Foods:

Bangladeshi Foods will be a system for every cooking lovers so that you can practice cooking with right directions.

I have a solid base and information to inform you what works well and what not? If not works then what ought to be following strategy and if works then a way to stand out.


If you agree with my words,experience and commitment.

Then, I Md Rifat Chowdhury Himu the founder of Bangladeshi Foods welcome you to my Cooking blogging Life.