Benefits Of Eating Fish

Why do old people and children eat fish !

Fish is more suitable for children, sick and elderly people
Many people know that eating fish is very helpful for children’s nutrition. Because fish contains DHA.

This substance is an indispensable material basis for the formation and development of brain cells. Human memory and thinking functions depend on DHA to maintain and improve. DHA rich in deep-sea fish oil can promote the full development of brain cells and prevent mental decline, forgetfulness, and Alzheimer’s .


The DHA contained in deep-sea fish oil is very important for the transmission of light stimulation. DHA content is high in tissues such as the brain and retina. It is an important component of the human eye, various nervous systems and the human body’s defense system, and has a very close relationship with the development of the eye.

Studies have found that children often eat fish, their growth and development are faster, and their intellectual development is also better. Moreover, if they eat fish frequently, people have a stronger body and a longer life span.

British Reuters reported on the 21st that Dr. David Smith of the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom led a research team to track the consumption of fish and seafood in the daily diet of 2031 elderly people aged 70 to 74 in western Norway, while assessing their cognitive abilities.


The results of the study found that eating more fish in the elderly helps to enhance their cognitive abilities, including memory, concentration, verbal expression and sense of direction. Smith said that at present, the scientific community knows that both high-fat fish and low-fat fish contain Omega-3 fatty acids, which can enhance human cognitive ability.

He hopes that researchers can find out more mysteries that eating fish can help the elderly to enhance their memory.

Middle-aged women often eat fish for good health

Since ancient times, fish have forged an indissoluble bond with humans. As far back as primitive times, our ancestors lived on fishing and hunting. Fish is the main source of human protein.

Fish, which people like to eat, is not only delicious, but also very nutritious. Fish is a high-protein, low-fat food, and contains a variety of trace elements, which is hard to compare with ordinary food.

First of all, fish is an ideal source of complete animal protein with high nutritional value. Fish contains about 15% to 20% protein, and its protein content is high and easy to digest and absorb. According to analysis, there are more than ten kinds of amino acids such as lysine, and it is also rich in taurine. After research and clinical trials, it has been found that taurine can strengthen the heart circulatory system and liver function, and is beneficial to the nervous system. Nocturnal animals such as cats like to eat fish, which may be related to the intake of adequate taurine.

Secondly, fish contains about 1% to 10% of fat. Although it is animal fat, it is mostly unsaturated fatty acid, which is fast metabolized, easily decomposed, and does not accumulate in the body. Fish fat, especially fish liver fat, contains extremely rich vitamins A and D. In addition, the two components of EPA and DHA contained in shellfish fat have been confirmed by clinical trials to prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease. As early as 1970, Danish scholars discovered that the rate of heart disease among Eskimos was very low, but their food contained a lot of animal fat. After investigation, it was found that the blood fat of Eskimos contained a lot of eicosapentaenoic acid. The proof is related to food, and the conclusion is that they eat more fish. In addition, modern medicine has also confirmed that many fish and shellfish have anti-cancer effects.


Also, fish is the most abundant food containing nucleic acids. Modern medicine has confirmed that the depletion of nucleic acids in human cells is the root cause of human aging. Nucleic acid in human cells is always sufficient until the age of 20. After puberty, the nucleic acid in one’s own cells often deteriorates or is consumed and becomes insufficient. As a result, wrinkles and age spots appear on the face, white hair, hair loss, baldness, fatigue, memory loss and other aging phenomena. The causes of these phenomena are multifaceted, among which the decrease of nucleic acid content in cells is one of the main reasons. And eating more fish can supplement the body’s constant loss of nucleic acid, so that the body’s cells are healthy and full of vitality. Modern science has confirmed that, in order to maintain the vitality of cells in the human body, an average adult needs to consume 1,000 to 1,500 mg of nucleic acid per day. Under normal conditions, the nucleic acid contained in the diet now only contains a few hundred mg. Therefore, Dr. Frank, a famous American doctor, recommends: Humans eat aquatic foods with the most nucleic acid content, which can increase the daily intake of each person, so that humans can live longer.

Although eating fish is good for human health, you should pay attention to:

Do not eat raw fish

The so-called raw fish is to cut raw fish into thin slices and mix with soy sauce, vinegar, sweet sauce, sugar, green onions and other seasonings to eat raw; raw fish porridge is to put sashimi directly into hot porridge; some people make fish. When the dish is cooked, the picture is fresh and tender, and the fish is not cooked or steamed completely. The above-mentioned fish-eating methods can infect fish-eating people with fish parasitic diseases. Therefore, raw fish should not be eaten, at least the fish should be boiled for 20 minutes or steamed for 30 minutes before eating.


Don’t eat contaminated fish

Industrial waste water and pesticides will pollute the water in the ditches, causing the fish in the water to be contaminated, and human consumption of this contaminated fish will cause poisoning.

Eat less salted fish

Salted fish has a certain relationship with the occurrence of nasopharyngeal cancer. For example, the incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer among Hong Kong and Guangdong people who eat salted fish is 70 times higher than that of other parts of the world. Salted fish can cause nasopharyngeal cancer because part of the protein in the fish will decompose secondary amines during the curing process, and the secondary amines and nitrite will react chemically under acidic conditions to produce carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Don’t eat burnt fish

The reason is that the fish can cause cancer after being burnt. In addition, if the fish meat is burnt, the high molecular weight protein will be split into low molecular weight amino acids, which can form mutagenic chemicals.

Do not eat fish bile


 Fish bile contains toxic substances such as bile toxins, and the toxic dose is similar to the effective dose for curing diseases. Therefore, accidents of poisoning and death caused by swallowing fish bile occur from time to time.

Don’t eat improperly processed fish

Some fish, such as green skin and red flesh fish, have more than 30 species that contain more histamine. When the body’s intake of histamine exceeds 100 mg, it may cause allergic food poisoning. Among them, allergic food poisoning caused by blue-skinned red meat fish such as catfish, spiny bark, and tuna is the most common. Therefore, when eating green-skinned and red-meat fish, the internal organs should be removed first, washed and cut into sections, soaked in water for a few hours, and then braised or steamed. Do not fry or deep-fry. In particular, be careful not to eat spoiled green-skinned and red-meat fish.

Why eating more fish can benefit for life

The history of fish is not only extremely old, but also a large family on the earth, with about 20,000 species. Regardless of rivers, rivers, lakes, or seas, where there is water, there are fish. Generally divided into two categories: marine fish and freshwater fish. In my country. There are more than 1,500 species of marine fish and more than 500 species of freshwater fish.

Fish is not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients, making it an ideal meat food. And it has medicinal value. The nutrients contained in fish are similar to those of chicken, beef, and pork, but unlike other meats, fish not only contains high protein content, but also has excellent quality. The body’s digestion and absorption rate can reach 96%. . And the chemical composition of fish meat is very close to that of human muscles; the amino acid composition of protein is also similar to that of the human body, which can provide essential amino acids for the human body: fish meat contains calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, which are higher than other meats. Contains iodine: There are also many vitamins in fish, especially vitamins A and D, which are not comparable to other meats; as for vitamins B, and B. The content is also worth paying attention to. Nutritionists believe that fish is a source of vitamins.


In meat. Fish meat is the easiest to digest.

Because the fish is tender, it is composed of a single muscle group with thinner southern muscle fibers. There is a considerable amount of soluble gel-forming substance between the muscle groups. The structure is fine and soft, and after being cooked. The loss of ingredients does not exceed 10% to 30%, which is much less than that of livestock meat (about 50% loss). Because of these characteristics of fish meat, it is very suitable for patients, middle-aged and elderly people to eat.

General meat, because it contains a lot of animal fat, has a high content of cholesterol, which is not good for cardiovascular disease. However, fish meat has the opposite effect on these diseases. According to the survey, the Eskimo nation. Since it has been eating fish meat since ancient times, fish-based protein and fatty foods are eaten all year round. Therefore, Eskimos have the lowest incidence of coronary heart disease in the world , and very few suffer from diabetes . Scientists believe that this is the result of their staple food of fish.


Why is fish meat different from other meats? What is the reason? After continuous research by scholars, it is found that fish oil plays a major role. Animal fats are mostly saturated fatty acids, which can increase cholesterol and promote hardening of blood vessels, so they are prone to coronary heart disease. Fish oil contains a variety of unsaturated fatty acids, and the fatty acid has a longer carbon chain. These unsaturated fatty acids have a good cholesterol-lowering effect. This is the basis that eating fish can live longer and prevent coronary heart disease. Therefore, middle-aged people should choose fish as the first choice of meat food.

The motherland medicine thinks. Fish have different functions. Fish commonly used to treat diseases are: carp, cuttlefish, eel and hairtail. Among them, carp has the functions of appetizing and invigorating the spleen, reducing edema, promoting urination, removing cold energy, and curing edema and jaundice. Cuttlefish is a systemic hemostatic drug that can treat various diseases: eel, commonly known as white eel, can cure tuberculosis , Women with strain and excessive leukorrhea; hairtail is most suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach and poor digestion, and because hairtail is tender and less thorny, it is easy to digest and absorb. It is an ideal food for middle-aged and elderly patients and patients.

But some parts of some fish are poisonous, and humans will be poisoned if eaten, and even life-threatening; some fish. After eating, it can stimulate the human endocrine glands. If the endocrine is out of balance, the body will be disordered and pathological changes will occur.

What are the benefits of eating fish for hepatitis patients

According to human juice, the protein contained in 0.5 kilograms of large yellow croaker is approximately equal to the content of 0.6 kilograms of eggs or O8 kilograms of pork. It can be seen that the protein content of fish is relatively high.

The amino acid composition of fish protein is similar to that of human tissue protein. It contains high-quality protein and essential amino acids, so it has a higher physiological value. In addition, the muscle fibers of fish meat are relatively slender, and the structure of tissue protein is soft. The meat is tender and easily absorbed by the human body, which is especially suitable for the elderly, children, and patients with liver disease.

According to the investigation of scientists, the Eskimos living in the Arctic are the people with the least coronary heart disease and cancer in the world . This is related to the fact that they have eaten fish for many years. 1993 LPs No. 273 Medical News Report: Fish fat contains a substance called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), which is an unsaturated fatty acid, mainly found in oily salmon (salmon), Among sardines, mackerel, shad, and bream. This fatty acid has a low melting point, and its digestion and absorption rate can generally reach more than 95%.


It is not only beneficial to the absorption and utilization of patients with liver disease, but also can prevent the deposition of low-density cholesterol in blood vessels and prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. In recent years, Professor Tisdale from the Cancer Research Office of an University in the United Kingdom discovered that human tumors can produce a protein with a hormone-like function. This protein directly decomposes the fat tissue after reaching the fat tissue in the body through the blood. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) reverses the process of weight loss in tumor patients by directly blocking this tumor protein. It is suggested that fish oil components may prevent tumor growth, and preparations are prepared for clinical trials with purified 80% or more: EPA pills.

It can be seen that eating more fish is good for patients with liver disease. But fish meat is different from livestock meat. It contains more water and protein, and less connective tissue. Therefore, it is more prone to spoilage and deterioration than livestock meat, and the speed is faster. Even if some fish just die, they already produce toxins that can cause food poisoning in their bodies. Therefore, fish must be fresh.

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