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The weekend is finally coming, and I said that the god horse has to repair my head. By the way, I have been holding back for a full month, and I dare not move my head for fear of being shot to death by my uncles. In the first few days of February, Erlong raised his head to catch up with my video, but it didn’t make sense to send it out. So when the video was dropped, everyone ridiculed it as putting a hat on his head. You said that someone else said that he would put a hat on his head. Why is this a pot lid?

Why, just because I do my job and love my job?

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Let’s say that Tian’er in Beijing is really a child’s face (some people say it’s a child’s butt, I’m better than a face, and a more civilized face). It changes when it changes. This is surprisingly warm just after the first month of the year, and the tide on the street The trendy men and women have begun to dress indiscriminately. The conservative ones have not taken off their down jackets. I saw some wearing half sleeves on the day of opening. Are you talking about chaos? I planned to go to the mall for leak detection on Women’s Day to see if there are any new products. I thought it would be a bit harder on discounts. Who knows, the crowds are so crowded, it was easy to squeeze in. If you don’t want to hit it, you can put it there quickly. It’s a year, but why do you buy it back?

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So I retreated and planned to go to Pizza Hut before I left home.

I saw that the lined up at the door was all on the street. They turned their faces to the spicy hot pot, and the two of them ordered the big pot with ice orange juice and eating mouths. It’s all dead in the end. There is half a pot left. I am really dead. I swear not to let me eat this bite for at least half a month. The key is to smashed arms and stretched legs in the gym for a long time before eating spicy hot pot. It was all in vain, and all the meals were made up. I don’t swear to lose weight anymore. I’ll give you some decent dishes on the weekend.

Delicious Sauce Beef 3

I have a recipe for beef sauce.

So I cooked beef sauce at home. You said that the day is great. If it’s a good spring trip, I don’t know where to go. Bring my own sauce beef , Strolling and basking in the sun, think about that far away when I was a kid, how can I see things that are farther away, the clearer it is, how time flies so fast! It makes people too late to smack! Let’s serve beef, remembering the energy of Wu Song’s children’s shoes eating beef with sauce!

Delicious Sauce Beef 4

Ingredients: beef (the tendon with tendons is best),

Seasoning: pepper, aniseed, chili, cumin, grass fruit, cinnamon, onion, ginger, garlic, yellow sauce, salt, Shao wine, pepper, sugar, soy sauce

Delicious Sauce Beef 5

Sauce beef Cooking Method

1. Cut the beef into two large pieces and soak in clean water for 2 hours (soak out the blood in the beef, wash it, then scrub it with a slab brush once, and then rinse it with cool water 4 times.)

2. Cut green onion into sections, slice ginger, remove stalks of garlic

3. Put the cleaned beef into the pot and blanch it under cold water

Delicious Sauce Beef 6

4. Boil the vomiting blood foam, remove it, rinse with warm water and set aside

5. Put the pepper, aniseed, chili, cumin, grass fruit, cinnamon, onion, ginger, garlic, yellow sauce and seasoning into the pot

6. Add enough boiling water

7. Boil the fire to give off a fragrance

8. Put in the blanched beef

Delicious Sauce Beef 7

9. After boiling the pot, cook the Shao wine, change to medium and small heat and cover the pot with lid

10. Put the beef into the miso soup pot and cook for 2-3 hours (according to the overripe condition of the beef)

11. If the chopsticks stick the beef very easily, it will prove that the meat is rotten. At this time, don’t worry about it, add salt, sugar, and pepper to taste. It is best to let the miso soup soak in the pot for a period of time (at least 1 hour, if you have time to soak for four or five hours, it will be more delicious)

12. Take out the beef, let it cool, and cut it into slices. It’s easy to save as much as you eat.

Delicious Sauce Beef 8

The key points for making sauce beef :

1. Do not pour the original soup of the sauced beef, put it in a sealed box and put it in the refrigerator, so that the beef will be more fragrant when you cook it next time.

2. Of course, you can also use the leftover soup to make a bowl of noodles. The nutrition of the beef soup is not covered!

3. Cooked beef is very rare, and every 50 kilograms of raw beef can produce 25 kilograms of cooked meat. That is half, the beef with sauce takes longer. You can store more sauce in an airtight box and cut as you eat.

4. Beef has more fibrous tissues and tendons (that is, more connective tissues). The ribs must be cut horizontally, that is, cut against the muscles (also known as the top knife cut), to cut the ribs. Of course, you must not cut too much, it is also enjoyable to eat large pieces.

Delicious Sauce Beef 9

The above is the recipe for delicious, If you want to eat it, just like it. You are also welcome to pay attention to more original food articles published by Bangladeshi Foods. Each recipe is produced, photographed, edited and published by Bangladeshi Foods. Your reposts, favorites and comments are all encouragement to me, thank you!

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