Simple and Tasty Noodles Recipes in a short time

Colored noodles with pure natural vegetable sauce

Today, the colorful noodles made with the chef’s machine at home are very beautiful.

Noodles Recipes

These colorful noodles are all noodles made with vegetable puree, using four kinds of vegetables: carrots, spinach, tomatoes and purple cabbage. The gorgeous noodles are pure and natural without additives, healthy and eye-catching.

This kind of noodles made of vegetable juice is a good way to let children eat vegetables in disguise if they are given to children who do not like to eat vegetables.

Noodles Recipes 1

Colored noodles with pure natural vegetable sauce


800 grams of flour, a small handful of spinach, one and a half carrots, two tomatoes, and a quarter of purple cabbage. Appropriate amount of water.

How to make colored noodles with pure natural vegetable juice

Noodles Recipes 2

1. Prepare the dishes and wash them. Juice these dishes separately.

2. Divide 800 grams of flour into 4 portions and add 80 grams of different vegetable juices.

3. Take spinach as an example. Stir it with chopsticks into a flor culent shape.

Noodles Recipes 3

4. Make a hard dough with your hands. The dough is harder. You can use a little force to pinch it together.

5. Take carrot noodles as an example. Cut them into thicker noodles.

Noodles Recipes 4

6. Turn on the noodle pressing tool of the chef’s machine to cut noodles, and put the thick noodles on top to press. When you start pressing, you must switch to the first level. The surface will be rougher. Press several times and the surface will become smooth and large. After pressing it a few times, the back sheet became much smoother, and when it was turned to the 8th gear, it was the bottom one, and the dough sheet was also thinner.

Noodles Recipes 5

7. Finally, turn on the 9th gear, the dough sheet is already very thin.

8. Change to the noodle-cutting knife and start cutting the noodles.

Noodles Recipes 6

9. The final noodles are ready.

10. Make noodles with tomatoes, spinach and purple cabbage in sequence.

Noodles Recipes 7

Food tips:

This time I mixed the vegetable juice and vegetable puree into the noodles. It is thicker. For 200 grams of noodles, 80 grams of vegetable puree juice is used. If it is clean water, you can reduce the amount of water appropriately. This type of pressed noodles The tool, the less water the better the operation, and the more chewy and delicious noodles.

Noodle buns

Noodles Recipes 8

A must for noodle tea. It doesn’t take too much to knead a ball of noodles by yourself. It seems more troublesome. The easiest way is to buy some ready-made noodles and fry them into buns.

Noodles Recipes 9

How to deal with the leftover pot of oil that is the most unwilling thing to blow up? How can I fry the pan if I can’t afford it? Mountain people have their own tricks. That’s right! It’s an air fryer. It’s just that the thin fighting basket is likely to make the noodles slip out of the gap. It doesn’t matter. Use greased paper on the bottom. After the dough is set, remove the greased paper to facilitate the circulation of hot air.

Noodles Recipes  10

To say that the effect is really good, it looks pretty good. Only too time-consuming. With such a small amount of noodles, the big oil pan can be out of the pan in an instant; and the frying pan has to be more than 10 minutes, and, because the noodles are squeezed together and stick to each other, the noodles are divided into three pans. It took nearly an hour after a lot of tossing, which was really time-consuming and exhausting. . . . .

Noodle buns

Noodles Recipes 11


150 grams of noodles, appropriate amount of oil

Noodles Recipes 12

How to make noodle buns

1. Air fryer 200 degrees, preheat for 5 minutes. Arrange the dough neatly, coat it with oil, and make a circle around your hands. Pull out your hands to make the noodles into a circle and place them on the greased paper.

Noodles Recipes 13

2. Put the noodles and oil paper into the fryer basket, put it in the fryer, and fry at 200 degrees for more than 10 minutes.

3. After the noodles are shaped, remove the greased paper and continue to bake, during which time, take out the noodles and turn them over from time to time. After the whole body is golden, let it out and let cool, and put it in a sealed box.

Noodles Recipes 14

It still looks like that .

Bean Paste Bread Bars

In fact, the roasting of the niu is a little bit past. If you want to do it, just follow the steps written in it.

Noodles Recipes 15

350 Fahrenheit, 15 minutes to check it, almost ready to go out of the oven.

Note that the dough should not be rolled too thin, it should be thicker to swell better at the end, otherwise the texture will be dry.

Noodles Recipes 16

If you don’t want to put red bean paste in the pot, you can put jujube puree , or salad dressing + pork floss .

Whatever you want to eat, as long as you don’t have too much water, you can put in ingredients!

Bean Paste Bread Bars

Noodles Recipes 17


Custard sauce: 1 egg yolk, 1tbs sugar, 2tbs medium powder, 1/3 cup of milk

Noodles Recipes 18

Main dough: high flour 1+3/4cup+2tbs, milk 2/3cup, sugar 1/4cup, salt 1/4tsp, yeast 11/2tsp, butter 2tsp (30g)

Baking: 350 degrees Fahrenheit 15-18min

Noodles Recipes 19

How to make red bean paste bread sticks

1 – 2. Mix the custard sauce ingredients, and then turn it in the microwave for 20s for 4-5 times. After each 20s turn, take it out and stir evenly, then put it in and turn for 20s until it becomes sticky as shown in Figure 2, and then put it Store in the refrigerator for 1hr

Noodles Recipes 20

3. Put the custard sauce + dough ingredients into the cook machine, then switch to speed 2 and speed, and add softened butter in the middle. After stirring for about 30 minutes, the membrane is removed, and then put in a warm place for the first fermentation. Prove the dough for 1 hour until the bread doubles in size. Dip the flour with your fingers, press a little bit, and the dough on the side does not shrink back.

4. Slim body and reduce gas, divide into 9 equal parts (about 50g each), and ferment for 15-20 minutes in the middle of rounding.

Noodles Recipes 21

5. Roll the dough into a rectangle (make it thicker, otherwise the shape will be poor)

6 – 7 and then squeeze the bean paste in the middle, drop the dough on both sides into the picture and divide into 10 equal parts (first cut the top and bottom, and then evenly drop the middle into 8 equal parts)

Noodles Recipes 22

8. Then the “braids” on both sides are overlapped, and then fermented in a warm place for a second time for 40 minutes to double the size

9. Finally, spread egg liquid on the surface and sprinkle with sesame seeds, and put it in the oven.

Yellow croaker noodles

When it comes to yellow croaker noodles, the first thing that foodies think of is Shanghai Aniang Noodles. Its deliciousness, to use a Shanghai proverb, is to make people “slap on the face and refuse to put it.”

Noodles Recipes 23

The yellow croaker must be fresh yellow croaker with the head, tail and big bones removed. Yellow croaker floats on the surface, there are a lot of fish, the soup is very fresh, take a sip, you will feel the soup entrance, through the throat, passing through the esophagus, into the stomach all the way. When this road for energy intake is lightly swept across by the unique sweet and delicious noodle soup of yellow croaker, every cell is activated, so your appetite starts to wake up.

Noodles Recipes 24

Yellow croaker, there are big and small yellow croaker, also known as yellow croaker. Yellow croaker is rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins, which has a very good tonic effect on the human body. For the weak and middle-aged and elderly people, eating yellow croaker will receive a good therapeutic effect.


Noodles Recipes 25

250 grams of yellow croaker, 500 grams of fresh noodles, chives and ginger

Seasoning: 2 tablespoons of salt, appropriate amount of white pepper

How to make yellow croaker noodles

1. Wash the yellow croaker and slice the fish on 2 sides;

Noodles Recipes 26

2. Marinate the sliced ​​fish with salt for a while;

3. Burn the oil in the pot. When the oil temperature is 70% hot, fry the fish bones and ginger slices into the pot to make golden brown;

4. Rinse into boiling water, turn to low heat and simmer after boiling;

5. When the soup becomes milky white, remove the fish bones and impurities, leaving the fish soup ;

Noodles Recipes 27

6. Put the marinated fish fillets into the pan and fry 2 golden brown sides and take out for later use;

7. Heat the soup again in the pot, cook the noodles in the soup, add salt and white pepper to taste;

8. Transfer the cooked noodles to a bowl, place the fried fish fillets, and sprinkle with chopped green onions.

Noodles Recipes 29

Food Tips

1. The fish fillets must be intact and marinated in salt for a while to let them taste;

2. Be sure to rinse with boiling water, the fish soup will be milky white, and the amount of boiling water should be more;

3. The cooking time for noodles in the fish soup is about 3-4 minutes. It is not easy to cook for too long to affect the taste.

Tips for the Food City

Yellow croaker and shepherd’s purse can be eaten together : shepherd’s purse is good for liver and eyesight, diuresis and hemostasis. The same food of yellow croaker and shepherd’s purse can treat iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women.

Yellow croaker and tofu can be eaten together : Tofu contains less methionine, while yellow croaker has very rich amino acid content. Tofu contains more calcium, and yellow croaker contains vitamin D. Combining the two can increase the body’s absorption rate of calcium. Boiled yellow croaker with tofu can also prevent various bone diseases such as rickets in children and osteoporosis in the elderly.

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