Spinach Dishes With Toon that will blow your mind

Spinach flowers knife cut

A lot of mothers say their children do not eat vegetables, offering, and
do not worry do not worry I’m coming!
You look at this is playing with mud spinach dough with the egg mix is not very nice to do it?
To actually green vegetables There are also tricks.
Today, I will talk about it.


First, it is best to use spinach leaves. After the
second blanching, be sure to pass ice water. After the
third mash, refrigerate. The
fourth steamed buns don’t take too much time to make. It’s been steaming for too long,
I told you all the tricks I know, hurry up and make it!”

Spinach 1


Cooked spinach leaves 60g
flour 210g
egg 50g

Vegetable oil 5g
yeast 2g

200g flour 200g
yeast 1.5g
pumpkin powder appropriate amount
milk 85g
vegetable oil 5g
original flavor

Spinach 2

Steaming process

One hour time-consuming
Normal difficulty How to
cut buns with spinach flower knife

1.After the spinach is blanched, put it in ice water and then add an iced egg to puree. The spinach must be wringed out. The cooked spinach leaves 60g and 50g eggs.

2.After the spinach puree is beaten, refrigerate in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.

3.Prepared flour can also use low-gluten flour to make it will be very soft.

Spinach 3

4.Spinach puree 110g flour 210g yeast 2g vegetable oil 5g mix and knead.

5.The white dough uses formula milk to make flour 200g milk/milk formula 85g yeast 1.5g vegetable oil 5g within one year old.

6.The yellow one is made with white dough mixed with pumpkin powder. After kneading, it is covered with plastic wrap and let stand for 10 minutes.

7.Use a rolling pin to roll out the rectangle.

8.The white and green wipes are stacked on top of each other.

Spinach 4

9.Roll up the dough, then rub it and cut it into a knife.

10.After the yellow one is rolled out, a flower is pressed out with a mold.

11.Paste on the green knife cut.

12Put some warm water in the pot and cover the lid to ferment to double the size. You can compare photos before and after fermentation.

13After the fermentation is complete, boil the water and steam for 15 minutes and simmer for 5 minutes.

Spinach mixed with radish


500 grams of spinach, 150 grams of radish, chili oil, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and salt.

Spinach mixed with radish

Spinach 5

Pick and wash the spinach, cut into sections, blanch it with boiling water, remove and serve; wash and repair the water radish, cut into fine shreds, mince the garlic, and stir in the spinach segments and shredded radish together with other seasonings , Mix well.

Spinach with northeastern style miso


500 grams of spinach, miso and cooking oil.

How to mix spinach with miso

Spinach 6

Pick and wash the spinach, cut into sections, blanch it with boiling water, deep-fry the miso in hot fry, and mix well with the spinach sections.

Spicy yuba mixed with spinach


150 grams of water-fat yuba, 250 grams of fresh spinach, 15 grams of Chinese pepper oil, 2.5 grams of monosodium glutamate, 10 grams of refined salt, and a little ginger.

How to mix yuba with spinach

1. Wash the yuba in boiling water, then simmer thoroughly in boiling water, squeeze dry, cut into 4 cm long sections, add 75 grams of pepper oil, 5 grams of refined salt, and 1 gram of monosodium glutamate, mix well and place in a plate. .

Spinach 7

2. Pick and wash the spinach, blanch it in boiling water, remove it and cool it with cold water, squeeze it dry, cut into 3 cm long sections, add the remaining pepper oil, refined salt, and monosodium glutamate, mix well, put it in the middle of the yuba, and then Sprinkle with fresh minced ginger and serve.

Spinach mixed with walnuts

The β-carotene and vitamin C of spinach are most suitable for combining with vitamin E to fight cancer.


Spinach, walnuts, cheese, soy sauce, sugar, MSG, a little broth

Preparation method (meal for 2 people)

Spinach 8

Blanch 1/3 bunch of spinach, squeeze it out and wring dry.

Pour 1/4 tablespoon of soy sauce and 1/2 tablespoon of stock on the spinach, and then cut into 4~5㎝ long pieces.

Remove the skin of 1/4 cup of walnuts and crush them. Add 2 tablespoons of low-calorie dry cheese, grating and stir well, then add 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, MSG, and broth to taste.

Cut 1/4 apple into thin slices.

Spinach 9

Just mix these materials together.


If walnuts are not available, the same effect can be obtained using sesame seeds. Although it is a side dish, the nutrition can be regarded as a perfect score.

Flavored spinach mixed with air-dried sausage


100 grams of air-dried sausage, 300 grams of spinach, light soy sauce, vinegar, chicken essence, and sesame oil are appropriate.

Spinach mixed with air-dried sausage

Spinach 10

1. Remove the roots, wash and cut spinach into sections, blanch them in boiling water, and let the water dry. Air-dried intestine slices.

2. Put the spinach and dried sausage on a plate, pour the juice mixed with various seasonings, and mix well.

Spinach and Bacon Salad

Spinach 11

A simple dish created by myself~~

Bacon is used as the main ingredient to match some of my favorite vegetables~~

The seasoning only uses a little salt, olive oil and black pepper~~

But it has a special flavor and refreshing, which is very suitable for summer~~

Spinach 12

Spinach and Bacon Salad


50g spinach , 4/1 onion, 60g seafood mushroom, 80g bacon.


1 tablespoon of olive oil, a little salt, and a little black pepper.

Spinach 13

How to make spinach and bacon salad

1. Materials are ready

2. Bacon slices

3. Cut spinach mushrooms into sections, and shred onion

Spinach 14

4. Heat in a pot until warm, pour in olive oil

5. Bake until the 6th and 7th layers are cooked and put in the bacon

6. Fry until the bacon is slightly charred and serve, leave a little oil in the pan, add onion and stir fry for a fragrance

Spinach 15

7. Then put in the seafood mushrooms, add a little salt, and fry until soft and cooked.

8. Put the spinach in boiling water and blanch for 1 minute

9. Then serve out the plate

Spinach 16

10. Then put on the bacon

11. Put on seafood mushrooms and onions

12. Pour some olive oil at the end, sprinkle a little black pepper and mix well.

Spinach 17

Tips for the Food City

Spinach and Tremella can be eaten together : Tremella, the function of clearing lung heat, nourishing Qi and spleen. The leaves of spinach contain more than 90% water, and contain extremely high vitamins, iron, and calcium. If the cooking time is too long, vitamin C is easily destroyed, but raw food cannot kill the bacteria attached to the leaves.

Spinach 18

Spinach and alkaline foods can be eaten together : Spinach contains more oxalic acid, which is easily combined with calcium under acidic conditions to produce insoluble calcium oxalate. Calcium oxalate is the main component of urinary stones, but it is easily decomposed under alkaline conditions. Therefore, when eating spinach, you should eat as much alkaline food as possible, such as kelp, fruits, etc., to prevent the formation of stones.

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